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Beware of Medicare scams

Even though 2015 open enrollment for Medicare is closed, scammers will operate all year round.

Medicare scams cost the system $60 billion every year. When healthcare providers bill Medicare for services never rendered or for more services than they delivered, the victims are taxpayers who have to make up for the loss. Everyone will pay the high cost for health insurance.

You will not face financial liability, however, you may face issues if your health insurance or medical records are compromised.

To avoid Medicare scams you should treat your Medicare card like you would your bank account or credit cards. The most vital thing you can do, is read your Medicare Statements.

If you have traditional Medicare, you will receive quarterly statements from the U.S. government. Review it carefully. If you spot a claim for a doctor visits, which never happened or is a name you do not recognize. Call and report the fraud.

If you see medical supplies listed, which are not yours, report it immediately.






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