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Good Medicare news for seniors: Part B premiums and deductibles to stay level

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced that deductibles and premiums for Medicare Part B, which pays for outpatient services and doctor visits, will go unchanged again for 2015. There has not been a change in the past two years, because of stable health care costs after years of it climbing annually. The slowdown in medical spending, which is the result of a slow economic recovery and a move to more efficient, and a better coordinated care between primary physicians, other providers, and primary physicians. This has been promoted by the Affordable Care Act and has modeled on practices, which private insurers encourage. Even thought the average Part D premiums will increase by $1 a month nationwide in 2015, which does not account for variations in some states. Unlike most portions of Medicare, the drug plans are managed by private insurers whose rates are uneven.

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