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Medicare 2014 Costs

Medicare 2014 Costs at a glance

Part B Premium–Most people will pay $104.90, each month.
Part B Deductible—$147 per year
Part A Premium–Most people do not pay a monthly premiums for Part A.

If you buy Part A, you will pay up to $426 every month

Part A hospital inpatient deductible you will pay:

  • Beyond lifetime reserve days: all costs
  • $1, 216 deductible for each benefit period
  • Days 1-60: $0 coinsurance for each benefit period
  • Days 61-90: $304 coinsurance per day of each benefit period
  • Days 91 and beyond: $608 coinsurance per each “lifetime reserve day” after day 90 for each benefit period (up to sixty days over your lifetime)
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