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Medicare’s Open Enrollment is underway

Autumn is a wonderful time of year. Cooler weather. Changing leaves. It is also the season for seniors with Medicare to review their current coverage plans.

As seniors prepare for Medicare’s open enrollment that started Oct. 15 and will end on Dec. 7th. Medicare officials wants everyone to know that quality will continue to improve both Part Prescription Drug coverage and Medicare Advantage.

Every year, coverage and plan costs can change. During the open enrollment period, people with disabilities and seniors across the United States have the opportunity to review their current policies and see if they would like to make change for their polices in 2015. It is vital for Medicare enrollees to take the time to make sure their current situation will still meet their current health care needs.

To help people select plans, Medicare has calculated plan “star ratings for Medicare’s prescription drug plans and Medicare health plans. Every plan will receive a number of stars on the scale of 1 to 5, which 5 is the best. These star ratings are based on performance and quality and were created to help enrollees and their caregivers and families compare plans along with information about premium benefits.

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